International Negotiation Competition for Law Students in Oslo, 27th of June – 1st of July 2017

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The INC is the oldest and most renowned competition focusing on international legal negotiation for law students from all over the world. It offers a unique educational program for international legal practice.


  • Promote greater interest among law students in legal negotiation;
  • provide a means for law students to practice and improve their negotiating skills in cross-border transactions and disputes;
  • enable law students to meet law students and lawyers from other countries;
  • provide law students with a critique of their performance from experienced legal negotiators; and
  • help law students become aware of and experience the special aspects of international legal negotiations, including the enhanced difficulties of cross-cultural communication as well as the potential differences in negotiating styles, ethical limitations, social norms, and business practices.

Competition events
The first day consists of a Master class on negotiation presented by prominent lecturers from around the world.

During the competition days, competing teams (each made up of two law students) negotiate international transactions or the resolution of international disputes with each other. The competition judges provide valuable feedback/coaching to these future lawyers as well as ultimately deciding which team that best demonstrated their legal negotiating skills.

The teams will receive the cases (negotiating problems) about 3 weeks in advance of the competition.

There will be 3-4 competition rounds for each team, of which one is usually a multiparty negotiation.

The language of the competition will be in English.

Who will be here?
The competitors of the INC are law students winning the national competition in their respective countries.

These victors are eligible to take part at the INC.  We expect about 30 teams from all around the world to participate.

The judges will be national and international legal professionals, practicing lawyers, business people, and academic professors in the field of negotiation.

How to be part of this?
If there is a national representative or a national competition in your country, please do get in touch with them to get necessary information for engaging in the national competition rounds.

Should there, to your knowledge, not yet be a national representative in your country, please do contact us. We are especially interested in having new countries participate.
A list of national representatives will be presented on our webpage when the list is updated.

-    Participation fee US $ 200 per team
-    Travel not included
-    Stay not included (although we are currently working on favourable hotel prices)
-    Meals in general not included
-    Master class included
-    Reception included
-    Social day with meals included
-    Prize ceremony and Awards dinner included
-    Norway is a high cost country at the same level as Switzerland, the previous host. A guide
-    on how to limit your living expenses will be developed by students.

For information and registration:

  • Opening for registration of teams: February 1st 2017.
  • Closing for registration: Limitiation of 32 participating countries or 1st of June.

Information and up-dates through:

To register, please use this link:

Dead line for registration is 1st of June 2017.

Visa regulations:
Some people can visit Norway without a visa, but most people from countries outside the EU/EEA must apply for a visitor's visa:

If you, for the visa application, need a presentation letter to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in your country, we can provide this.

Advice on organizing a national competition:
European Law Students Association (ELSA) Norway:  and

For inquiries concerning the INC 2017:
Focal point / coordinator of courses and marketing: Helene Holst / +47-471 02 400

Project manager: Michael Rummelhoff / +47- 996 47 599

For general information concerning the INC:
INC Executive Committee Chair Larry Teply, Professor of Law:

We wish you good luck in the national competition rounds and hope to see you at the INC 2017!

Organizing partners, Norway:

International Negotiation Competition for Law Students til Oslo i 2017
«The INC wants to help law students practice negotiating techniques and strategies, develop communication skills, and enhance their problem solving skills.» - Jean Luc Delli, Managing Director of INC 2016.
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